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07-07-2010, 10:11 PM

My company runs a functional ingredient division called Cherikoff BioActives and we research, develop and promote a range of products, some of which you may have already seen. Most of our ingredients are indigenous Australian wild foods or medicines eg lemon myrtle (immune stimulant and aromatic), Wattleseed (used in exfoliants), mountain pepper (increases circulation to the skin), pidjwana (topical anti-inflammatory) and more.

Kakadu Complex is a mixture of 10 Australian wild foods blended into a nutritional formulation with 14 other superfoods. It is consumed as Kakadu Juice and used by those wanting healthier skin and better general health.

Another product we market is Herbal-Active, a natural antimicrobial made from ordinary herb extracts (essential oils) mixed in such a way as to confer significant efficacy against all micro-organisms.

I hope that I can contribute to other members' needs.


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welcome and it is always good to hear from new people. as you are helping us we may be able to assist you. ask anything you would like. we have some very smart people here. we are all friendly. welcome to our family.

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Thank you both for the welcome.

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