View Full Version : Skin Wrinkling from A Virus!

04-13-2010, 02:34 AM
This is going to sound like an odd post, but I wonder: has anyone here experienced the sudden arrival of unusually fine, parchment paper-like skin wrinkles, resulting from a chronic viral infection?

Several years ago, I caught an unknown virus which lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, but also caused some strange skin changes (these skin changes appeared around 18 months after catching this virus): namely this fine wrinkling, and also some pinky red areas of skin on my chest, just below the neck.

These fine skin wrinkles were NOT due to normal aging, or sun damage. And it was not just me that got this wrinkling either, as several other people in my social circle, who also caught this rather nasty virus, also manifested these strange skin wrinkles.

Since my doctors did not know what was going on, I set up a blog about this unknown virus that can cause fine skin wrinkling:

Parchment-like fine skin wrinkles from viral infection (http://chronicsorethroat.wordpress.com/).

I believe that this wrinkling is instigated by a loss of elastin in the skin.

If anyone here has had similar fine skin wrinkling experiences, please get in touch.

Many thanks.