View Full Version : What Are the Causes and the Best Cure for Women Hair Loss?

01-07-2010, 10:46 AM
Women hair loss is generally caused due to the lack of proper nutrition, hormonal imbalance, trauma, excessive hair styling, menopause, contraception etc. The situation is more distressing as it causes drastic change in their appearances. Most women tend to rely on much hyped methods (such as medicated gels, creams, shampoos and oral medications) to cure women hair loss.

However, none of these methods work. The most effective and proven method to restore the bouncy hair back is the hair transplant surgery. Though the procedure is vastly misunderstood by most people, it’s in reality the best hair loss treatment for women as well as men. Hair transplant surgery is an inexpensive procedure causing no pain as it’s performed under local anesthesia. Confined only to the skin, the surgery leaves no scar on your head except the donor scar that remains hidden under the hair growing over it. All you need to do is locate a reliable hair transplant center to get your healthy hair back once again.


01-17-2010, 03:47 PM
hair transplant is a good treatment for thinning hair. but it can be expensive. insurance doesn't usually pay for elective surgery.

02-24-2010, 07:14 AM
I do think that transplant is costly..have you ever tried the home remedies? find the most easy solution first...check out besthairlosstreatmentreviews on yahoo or google then you might get some hints there or follow my tip, here:
1. Massage extra virgin coconut oil on your remaining hair and scalp (make sure that it penetrates your scalp) just massage, never use comb..
2. wrap it with hot towel then cover with shower cap
3. rinse off with a little shampoo and lots of conditioner (preferably one w/ coco milk)
4. PAT dry your hair, never rub with towel...
5. use wide tooth comb till it gets a bit dry...no irons or blow dryer pls...
With this, im sure you'll regain strength for remaining hair and eliminate hair loss...

hope this helps...give me a feedback then