View Full Version : Tinea versicolor treatment

05-29-2009, 03:05 AM
i'm 21 year girl from Philippines, for the last 2-3 years i have these Small, scaly, white spots over the upper arms, chest and on the neck. I tried Selsun shampoo and other antifungal creams, it goes away and after 1-2 months it again comes back. Please help me get rid of these.

05-30-2009, 09:33 AM
Yea so you tried selenium sulphide. Well for the best result you must apply and leave it for atleast 5-10 mins before rinsing and use for atleast 7-14 consecutive days. For better result use daily for 2 weeks followed by 2-3 times per week for next 2 weeks then once a week for next 4 weeks,total of two months then apply 2-3 times a months for the rest of the months for atleast 1 year .So for relapsing cases it is recommended to use atleast 2-3 consecutive nights each months for 1 year.

There are other options like using shampoos containing ketoconazole 2% ( Nizoral) daily for atleast 3 days.

There are oral medications like Fluconazole taken 400mg single dose and and repeated after 1 week .This has success rate of around 70-80% .

But before you try all these medications get suggestions for a dermatologist.