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Treatments such as acid peels or liquid nitrogen for taking care of age spots are common but include a lot of pain. People often go for natural remedies instead of painful medical treatments to get rid of age spots or to avoid them from spreading. Age spots are quite similar to liver spots and you can easily notice rough dark patches appearing on the skin. These spots take over the backside of the arms and hands plus the forehead starting in the middle age. Age spots are usually caused by too much exposure to UV rays.

There are several herbal remedies available through which you can get rid of your age spots but these herbal remedies are not really practically into play but plant based natural remedies certainly play an important role in getting rid of age spots. Taking a healthy plant based diet would work best when trying to get over age spots plus juice of acidic fruits can be directly applied over the brown patches making them fade and eventually disappear. Cranberry juice, lemon juice, and papaya are the popular ones which can be directly applied. You can even apply the fruit pieces directly on the infected areas. Vitamin A is something useful while fighting age spots; it helps fade them gradually and is found in commercial natural remedies.

One of the oldest living natural remedy for getting rid of age spots can be icing. You can directly apply ice cubes on the infected areas for few days and you will see your age spots disappearing. Another natural remedy can be consumption of vegetables as much as possible and avoidance of junk foods as much as possible.

Although these natural remedies are result oriented but still they will require some time to show up their positive outcomes. These remedies will work gradually but the outcomes will be long lasting.


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