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There are so many eye cream ingredients out there in the ever-expanding world of anti aging eye creams that it can be very difficult to track just each and every one.  This article will go into details on many eye cream ingredients and explain just exactly what they are capable of doing.

When browsing through the web and looking at various eye creams, it’s important to take  a close look at the ingredient lists.  You should take a hard look at the ingredients each time you examine an eye cream.  When selecting an eye cream, there are some ingredients you should look for, and a few that you should avoid.  Haloxyl, Argireline, and Hyaluronic acid are all high-powered ingredients you will find in many eye creams. It’s also extremely important you get some sort of fruit extract, such as pomegranate or acai berry extract, as they bring a high antioxidant value to the formula.

I probably don’t have to explain the value of antioxidants in skin care formulas.  This topic is well covered by the media, including Dr. Phil, Oprah, and many other programs that talk about general health and wellness.  The acai berry has been a popular inclusion in skin care formulas such as the Elite Serum and various products made by Perricone MD.

It’s also very important to look for an ingredient that has been the recipient of continued praise for it’s ability to fight dark circles under the eyes, Haloxyl. Haloxyl has been proven as highly effective in reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes by improving the blood circulation.

Hyaluronic acid is an ultra moisturizer. This common eye cream ingredient helps prevent the loss and damage of collagen and elastin in sensitive skin around the eyes. Collagen and elastin are natural proteins produced by your body that combine together to give skin the healthy elasticity. Of course, as we age, our body produces less collagen, or it loses it’s effectiveness, which in turn can lead to wrinkles.

Argireline is an ingredient in the best eye creams that has been clinically proven effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines around the eye. It works to paralyze the skin under the eyes and on the forehead in order to keep wrinkles at bay.  Some studies have shown as much as a 50% reduction of wrinkles and fine lines in as little as 30 days of continuous use.  It has been called by some people “the best alternative to botox.”

Now let’s get back to the uber-important anti oxidants. Anti oxidants are helpful in removing dead skin cells and impurities, which exhilarates and revitalizes the sensitive skin around the eyes. When these are combined  with Hyaluronic acid, anti oxidants also help in the development of new skin cells and ensure they function properly. Some examples of anti oxidant ingredients in eye cream are Acai berry and Reservatrol.

When you have a good grip on eye cream ingredients, you will be a better eye cream consumer.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging expert and regular contributor to DermaTalk.com

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