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If you are a woman age 25 or over, this article is for you.  Most women FEAR cellulite, however if you know how to treat it early and often, you can do a good job of reducing cellulite’s appearance and keep it at bay.

If you are a woman, you have about a nine in ten chance of seeing cellulite develop at some point in your life.  Cellulite forms as fat pockets underneath the skin on the thighs, hips, and buttocks.  It can be a complete nuisance and turn-off to men, as well as an embarrassing trait to have on your skin as you expose your skin to other people, such as when you are a tanning on a beach or wearing revealing clothing.

So, knowing that the odds are stacked against you and going off the presumption that you will see cellulite on your body at some point in your life, let’s look at some ways you can prevent cellulite:

  • Exercise.  This is a great way to start off preventing cellulite.  Exercise is not only healthy, but it keeps your muscle fibers active and moving, which in turn prevents fat pockets from forming.  You can get rid of fat pockets all across the body doing aerobic exercise.  Firming the muscle tissue is the best way you can effectively prevent cellulite from forming.
  • Weight Training.  If you lift weights, you can can help your body firm the muscle tissues, as I stated above.  This not only helps circulation, but it also speeds up the bodies metabolism – which in turn makes the body burn more fat and keep weight off.
  • Proper diet.  Eating a solid diet and staying away from high fat foods is the best way to prevent cellulite.  Combine a solid diet with a TON of water and your body will be built for success.  Staving off cellulite means a proper diet plan must be followed at all times, and water is the natural key to your bodies engine.
  • Avoid Toxins.  If you avoid toxins, you are essentially keeping your body cleansed.  Toxins make it difficult for the body to cleanse itself, so avoiding them at all costs is your best bet.  This means cigarettes, liquor, and coffee.

Now that you know how to actively prevent cellulite, let’s look at a great way people are treating cellulite……

Cellulite creams are being called the safest, easiest, most painless form of getting rid of cellulite.  A simple cream, with the right cosmeceutical ingredients, goes a long ways towards getting rid of the nasty fat pockets called cellulite (or orange peel).  A daily use cellulite cream is much less painful than say a cellulite laser treatment, or even a cellulite massage.  Before buying any product, it’s always best to read cellulite cream consumer reviews to see what people are saying about the products.

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  1. Jane Dawson
    January 17, 2010 at 12:26 am

    Nice tips, I hope more women start realizing that cellulite can be defeated if you know the facts.

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