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Unless you have been living on another planet this year, you certainly have read about Elite Serum, the prized eye serum that is getting rave reviews on different web portals and print publications such as Yoga Magazine.  If you are serious about your anti aging regimen, you certainly will appreciate the new products launched by Elite last week.

The Age Defying System is comprised of three products.  Using the popular Elite Serum as a base, Elite also addresses two problems with it’s other science-inspired products, named the Wrinkle Eraser and the V-Covery Cream.  The first product obviously reduces wrinkle depth, using a deadly combination of Leuphasyl and Argireline, which have incredible clinical studies backing up the synergy formed when they are used in combination.  Wrinkle Eraser also has Matrixyl 3000, the advanced version of Matrixyl which also has some impressive clinicals backing up it’s affect on wrinkle depth and appearance to the naked eye.  If you are serious about getting rid of wrinkles, this is one product you should give a serious look.

Completing the system and addressing the decollete area, the “V-Covery” is a specialized neck cream that attacks the v-zone.  Starting with the upper chest and applied all the way up to the jawline, this cream claims to get rid of turkey neck, a common complaint among men and women as they age.  Sometimes the skin on the neck gets saggy, and the appearance of sun spots can make the skin look much older, especially in this little-protected area.  The V-Covery works this area in a therapeutic fashion by leveraging ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000, Lipocare, and Essenskin.  All of these ingredients have solid clinical information and can also be found in some of the most advanced cosmeceutical products.

The Elite Serum needs no introduction, of course.  This was a pioneer in the eye serum market, leveraging cosmeceuticals like Haloxyl and Eyeliss and adding anti aging superstar ingredients such as resveratrol into the formula.  This eye serum has been receiving a lot of praise on websites such as EyeCream.com – the leading research site on eye creams.

So, how do I post an informative review of these products since I’ve only tried the Elite Serum?

Well, I know my skin cream ingredients as I’m constantly reviewing products and furthering my education.  I can say that my success with the Elite Serum was one that really pushed me to spend the extra money on products that contain cosmeceutical ingredients.  Basically, what this means is that you are getting a high concentration of an ingredient that is laboratory tested, yet below the necessary concentration that would require you to get a prescription from a doctor.  Of course, this is much more advanced than anything you will find at your local drugstore over the counter.  So, from that standpoint, I can say that these products are FORMULATED to work wonders.  My personal experience will be posted later on, and I’ll get into details.

For now, I will go on record saying that this is the most complete system of anti aging products.  The fact that EliteSkin has recognized the neck & chest area as something of extreme importance and added it to their system tells me that they know where the market is heading. You can find all of their products, including their new cellulite cream, at EliteSkin.com.

Karla A Sutton is an anti aging author who expects to release her first book in 2011.

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